Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Singing the Blues.


My photographs are rather bland;
So much I do not understand.
Filters are a mystery
To a person such as me,
Unaccostomed to techniques
Used by you snap-happy freaks.
How I admire the end results;
How this techno-fool exults!
Filters in particular,
Show things not as they really are
But as they would like to be
If freed from drab reality.
Take snow..... it fell as I remember
Any time around December.
But it often lasted just one day
And then it grew a grubby grey!
Finally it turned to slush!
Far removed from a snowfall's hush.
Of course, I speak of English snow,
And I also speak of long ago.
Maybe, now, it's crisp and deep,
Lying whitely in a heap.
But, for me, this pictured scene
Comes from a time of might-have-been.
White, tinged with blue to make it whiter;
Tweaked to make it look much brighter.
Is that dishonesty? No way!
If this photo were coloured grey
Would it have that same appeal
And can reality be too real?
I see a camera filter's task,
Not as as some pretentious mask,
But rather as a painter's brush
Adding a depth or sheen or flush.
While you tweak with your glorious blue,
I just stand admiring you.

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