Monday, February 2, 2009

P.S. Lucky World!

This poem is, in part, a response to
who have suggested the topic
'Celebrating the New'.

(Most of the poems I've read on this site are more 'poetic' than this but I think I'll sneak it in!)

The photograph was taken at my birthday party yesterday.
 At the rear we see Blake (10) and Malcolm, the gift-giver. At the front see Max (2) and Harry (4) with me.
For those interested, more family photos can be seen on my PLUS blog.


I pictured old age as pure nostalgia,
Punctuated by gout and neuralgia!
I thought I'd sit in the ingle-nook,
With some decayed but improving book.
I thought my wise words would be heeded!
And by the young folk I'd be needed.
I thought I'd be leafing through the pages
Of love-letters from my by-gone ages.
I thought my eyes would be dim and blurred
And I wouldn't hear a single word.
I thought 'new-fangled' would be a phrase
That meant that I was set in my ways!
But no! As I'm approaching eighty
And the years become more dire and weighty,
I find my energy increasing!
I rarely think of my 'deceasing'!
And yesterday I celebrated
My birthday. I was so elated!
For I was given, not books of verse,
Or a season-ticket to the hearse,
But a brand new computer 'cam'!
Oh what a lucky girl I am!
Very soon YouTube will be aimed-for,
And then my husband will be blamed for
The fact that all the human race
Will find they're treated to my wrinkled face!
You asked me to Celebrate the New!
Here's one old lady shouting out 'Yahoo!' *

*(NOT the Trade Name!)


Jinksy said...

And Many Happy Returns to such a great lady.

Kat said...

Wishing you many many more happy returns of the day Brenda.

Grinning to the new gift you got and the excitement that brings forth a yahoooo..!!!!

Tash said...

Whoopieee! happy b-day. & you look so happy too. will U B reading your poems on YouTube for us? I'll be waiting. You are one fun lady.