Sunday, February 15, 2009



1. Name five sports beginning with 'B'
2. The name of a colour connected with 'sea'.
3.Superman's girlfriend; what was her name?
4.It rhymes with 'crafts'; what is the game?
5.They speak English in Canada; is that all?
6.What game is played with an oval ball?
7.Name a flightless bird; it begins with 'P'.
8.What Royal Person slept on a pea?
9.Name a continent starting with 'A'.
10.Name a very stormy Bay.
11.Jack's second name was rather fruity!
12. It's not a shoe so what else is 'booty'?
13.Which little insect chomps on wood?
14. Does 'recalcitrant' mean 'good'?
15. They start with 'B'; and they are dancers.
(I'm not giving you the answers!!!!!!)

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