Friday, February 20, 2009

309. Tears

I'll soon be back from my holiday so Comments are once again appreciated!


The life of a poor Film Extra is so fraught!
It's  really ranks as quite a dangerous sport!
After one's sat around for half a day,
Knowing one's going to earn so little pay,
One is asked to express emotion right on cue,
In front of a laughing camera-man and crew!
Last week as usual I was on the set
Nice and early... well, isn't that etiquette?
There were dozens of others waiting around on hand;
We Extras are quite a large, united band.
The Director came to give us all 'the chat'.
Today he spoke to us about 'That Cat.'
Now I must make it plain to all  my readers
That this film was not designed to suit cat breeders;
The film is of the 'Lassie' sort, but feline,
Hoping eager Catty types might make a bee-line
For the local cinemas where it is showing,
And reports might be encouraging and glowing.
Sentimental? Well I have to say that's certain,
Especially the weepy final curtain.
The subject of the story? Emigration;
A move to some completely different nation.
And, in a way that you'd expect, the cat
Is deserted and abandoned  on the mat!
But that plucky cat (of course) makes her own way
To a country  very, very far away .
She crosses forests, oceans, mountain peaks
And the journey takes her many many weeks!
Sadly, she's knocked-about by her survival,
And poor Kitty ends up dead upon arrival!
So the Director went on with his spiel....
'There's a lot of raw emotion you must feel.
You'll be crowds when she is kidnapped in the zoo,
When she sails on board a ship you'll be crew;
You'll be audience when she performs on-stage;
You'll be brutes when she is locked up in a cage.
Now you can sniff judiciously my friends
But save your tears until the story ends.
You'll be equipped with 'TEARS", a special spray,
But don't add any tears until I say!
One whiff and then your tears will soon be proving
That the drama is incalculably moving!
Cry too soon, the pathos surely will be lost!
And consider then, the awful up-front cost!
So, no spray till I give you the command.
Cry when they find the body! Understand?
Be careful how you use this special spray!
Don't squirt until the time you hear me say
The cue for you for Kitty's final bow …..
'If you have 'TEARS' prepare to shed them now!'


Margaret Gosden said...

I have no tears for anyone who tries to direct a cat, as they do in video tv ads! I like to draw them as they are.... then create a print.....thanks for your take and the photo is cute!

Darlene said...

I felt like one of the extras when I read your poem, Brenda. Just a great story with a sad ending. I wouldn't have needed the spray.

I hope you are enjoying your vacation. It was so nice of you to leave a poem to be posted every day.

Kat said...

That really is how it sounds when a film director explains the scene or situation.

But then, one never knows - it may win the Oscars. I've seen people shedding TEARS appropriately in these occassions..!!! :))))