Wednesday, February 18, 2009

307. Excess!

I'm still on holiday but I'm entering ABC WEDNESDAY in absentia.

The letter is 'E'.

You will find my photographic entry on my PLUS blog

I'm sure the lover's response won't surprise you!


I asked him to marry me! I said 'I'll hover near you,
And even if you whisper, dear, I'll always, always hear you.
I said 'I'll iron your shirts just so; I'll cook your favourite dinner,
And, even if you lose a game, I'll swear that you're the winner.
I'll take your side in arguments; I'll say 'He's always right',
And we'll never, never argue.We'll never, never fight.
I'll lay your jarmies out for you, all neatly on the bed.
I'll see a cushion's in your chair, behind your darling head.
You'll know I'm gazing at you if we are in a crowd.
You'll know that I'm admiring you and feeling very proud.
If you should need a massage, I've got a healing touch.
And I'll read to you at bedtime.Yes, you'll like that very much.
I'll hover, yes, I'll hover; you'll look round and there I'll be!
If you're sitting in your arm chair, I'll perch upon your knee.
I'll ring your mother daily to tell her how you are
And I'll sing our favourite lovesongs when we're driving in the car.
I'll write your clever sayings in my journal every night,
For I am such a silly dunce and you're so very bright!
I'll photograph your every smile, each one's a precious thing.
To think you love this commoner, when you are like a King! 
Please marry me, my darling one! Look how I love you so!'
I waited for his answer
Sadly, it was

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