Saturday, February 14, 2009

303. Where is the Music?

I hereby reveal myself as a grouchy old lady. The generation gap is nowhere more obvious than in the realm of music. Are you like me? I find modern 'pop' incomprehensible!

(To the tune of 'Waltzing Matilda')

Chorus. Where is the music? Where are the lyrics?
Where are the tunes, when there's nothing but row?
When the words are all rot and the drums beat on incessantly,
Where are the songs of the here and the now?

When our mothers were young they sang some pretty melodies;
Maybe 'Maccushla' or 'Rose of Tralee'.
And the words always rhymed and the songs were always singable
Round the piano at night after tea.

And what of he songs we sang when we were growing up;
'Over the Rainbow' and  'How High the Moon'?
In the back of the car we'd carol very happily.
Everyone knew how to sing every tune.

Even our children had songs that they could sing-along;
'Daydream Believer' and then 'Barbara Ann'.
They were songs from the discos but even we were humming them.
Soon after that all the rubbish began!

Bring back the meaning! Write some lovely melodies!
Give us a story that, too, plays a part.
When the young ones are 'oldies' whatever will they whistle to?
Bring back the music! You're breaking my heart!

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