Monday, February 9, 2009

299. Be Still!

Stillness in Motion by Lynda Cole.

SEARCH ENGINE STORIES suggested this topic.

 I am not a member, but I found this wonderful piece of artwork, and I was inspired by the title.


The mind needs stillness and acceptance
To reach its full potential.

The mind rails against stillness and acceptance
For it needs to plan, rule and dominate.

Say 'Be still' to your mind
And it will analyse the command.
How to be still.
Why to be still.
Where to be still.

What trigger to use?
What mental picture to paint?
What mantra to recite?

Even as it seeks stillness
It creates chaos.

'This is not still enough!
Where am I going wrong?'

Like sleep, stillness can evade us.
The sheep we are counting 
Can huddle and bleat.
The silly mind
Will seek for distinguishing marks.

'Wolf in sheep's clothing'.
Who said that?
Stop it!
Be still!'

'I am accepting'
We murmur.

'But shall we have lamb for supper tonight?'


Sylvia K said...

Great poem! and very clever as always!

Jinksy said...

One up to you for recognising the beautiful artwork in your Blogland travels, and sharing it with us.

Darlene said...

I can certainly identify with this poem. How many times have I tried to turn my mind off and empty it so I can sleep. But it will not be still.

Patty said...

I sent you an e-mail, but not sure you got it. Telling you that we can't leave comments on your latest post. I wasn't sure if you did this on purpose, or if you accidentally did something to your blog. Just wanted you to know.

Kat said...

Was excited reading this Brenda....!!!!

I was reminded reading in a book on how to "still-the-mind". The mind is like an elephant taken by a mahout thro' the streets. (you'll have to understand this in the Indian context - we occassionally take elephants for walks like that over here :))))

The elephant will naughtily whack bananas and coconuts from way side shops, defying the mahouts instructions to walk properly in the road.

Hence the mahout will adopt a simple trick.... he will place a stick in it's trunk and ask it to carry that. Behold, the elephant will sincerely concentrate and do that and it'll forget the whacky business..!!!

Similarly, when one wants to meditate and make the mind to become still - we need to give a stick to the mind, to carry so that it doesn't loiter elsewhere.

And this stick is a chant or mantra that needs to be repeated, so that the mind doesn't stray..!!!