Friday, February 27, 2009

316. What is Life?

An enormous topic from MEME EXPRESS!!!


Life is awareness.

I am sure that
When I cease to be aware
The world will end.

Why should the sun bother to rise
If I am not there to see it?
Why should the world bother to spin
If I am not there for the ride?

The age of the universe will
Exactly match the length of my life.
Because my awareness
Has created it.

And my aware life is eternal.
My mind can only know life;
Therefore I shall know
Life without end.

And if it has no end
It is
Everlasting Life!

Even as I am thinking
 'Here comes Death'
I shall be alive.

My brain will not tolerate Death.
And neither will I.

Death is the absence
Of awareness.

If I am unaware,
I am not dead.
I am nothing
In nothing
And of nothing.

There will be nothing of which to be aware.
Because it will have all ended with me.

You see, I made the whole thing up
In the first place!


Margaret Gosden said...

That's a real brainer! I have to think about that some more....If you look at my recent JANUS profile, prompted by your Extra Extra of November 2008, you will see how images, whether written or drawn, get started from such shared ideas.

imac said...

What a brill poem, life in depth.

Thanks for your visit and your kind comments.

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Jinksy said...

Great poem - but could you not have 'made up' easy ESP and 'forgotten' computers while you were at it?!

Kat said...

One of the most impressive poem Brenda. To be aware, is what life's all about.

Sindbad-the-sailor must've thought this out during the recent sail? :)))

(do you remember your first poem Brenda? poem no.1 - your birtday cake shape and your telling represents me sailing on the Ship of Life!)