Thursday, February 19, 2009

308. Happy Birthday Pisces!


Happy Birthday Pisces! Now is your special time!
And here's a guide to greet you, written all in rhyme.
And what a sweet and gentle soul you have turned-out to be!
You're generous and friendly, imbued with sympathy,
So no wonder you're so popular with everyone you meet;
They know you'll be submissive and positively sweet.
But therein lies your problem; they may walk all over you!
People may take advantage, unpleasant and yet true.
You're all too other-worldly for this knockabout old earth,
And some who're not in tune with you wont realise your worth.
Your sign, two fish who're swimming, indicates your mental state,
Which varies with the ebb and flow of a kind or unkind fate.
You feel things very deeply; other's problems as your own,
And to lonely bouts of sadness you are very often prone.
You have a side that's mystical, and you're often lost in dreams;
You rely on intuition to a great extent, it seems.
With yin and yang opposing there is often some confusion,
And you're happiest when living in a world that's an illusion.
Pisceans are very talented but are pulled in different ways;
They spend their lives escaping from a sort of mystic maze.
Romance can be a minefield for those beneath this sign;
They tend to think a lover is perfection and divine.
They sail above humanity in a cloud of pure romance,
And then they're hurt, dashed to the ground, without a second glance.
But you deserve it all, you know; you're one of the Zodiac's best,
But be as kind to yourselves, please, as you are to all the rest.



Jinksy said...

Extremely good advice here, all fellow Pisceans - I should know - been there, done that got the tee-shirt!

Darlene said...

Hi Brenda, I have been visiting daily and am glad to see you are accepting comments again. I enjoy your rhymes so very much and want to tell you that they make my day. Thank you for being so clever.

Patty said...

Welcome home! We have a daughter that is a Pisces and three grandchildren.

Femin Susan said...


Kat said...

Firstly reporting that 300 to 307A has been still blocked by your Robot, from comments.

Secondly, could you please tell me if Mar 22nd has some overlap with Pisces :))))