Friday, January 6, 2012

The Sliver

                                             Brenda Bryant



The sliver of light
Between day and night
Narrower and weaker grows;
The gaudy blaze
That met our gaze
Now pale and desperate glows.

With one last gleam
It casts a beam
Above the darkening sea.
The clouds roll in
And they will win;
That is how it has to be.

If I but blink
The light will sink
Defeated from my sight.
Farewell to sun;
Your play is done.
We all submit to night.

(Written on the occasion of the 2010 Cricket Test Match)

Would you like to 'win' when England plays Australia
For 'The Ashes'  are cricket's greatest prize.
Then get dual nationality, such as I have,
And nobody will cut you down  to size!
When Australia's on the top I am Australian,
But I'm English if the English rule the roost.
So, whichever side is winning, that is my side,
And my ego gets an extra little boost!
Well, this year I'm gaily singing 'Rule Britannia!',
So you'll surely guess which side is doing well!
The English seem unstoppable, as far as I can see.
For Australia I hear a funeral knell!
And just what are The Ashes? Well, many years ago
Australia beat England at the game.
And The English burnt the wicket on a sort of funeral pyre;
The wicket became 'ashes', hence the name.
As for our dual status, it's something that's allowed;
For, after all, our differences are few,
And we find it really useful on occasions such as this
To belong, not to one country, but to two.

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