Friday, January 6, 2012

Not What I Expected!

supplied the pictorial prompt


After months of preparation
I was shot-off into space.
Little did I realise
What I was about to face!
I knew that there'd be little green men
When I landed up on Mars,
Having made that awesome journey
Through a myriad of stars.
I knew that they'd have googly eyes
And elongated limbs;
I knew that all the hers up there
Were identical to hims.
I'd even learned a smattering
Of the language and the slang.
And off I went with the usual
Monumental bang!
Of course, I was sedated
As I hurtled on through space
Far away from my planet
And the well-known human race.
I came-to after landing
And I lay in my little pod,
Knowing the peering Martians
Would consider me a god.
I had the picture in my mind
Of what I knew I'd see;
Elongated, google-eyed people
Peering in at me!
But it wasn't as I expected.
I was certainly scrutinised,
But, if these were Martians,
They were heavily disguised!
Each body was very long and thin,
Exactly like a stalk
And each was anchored to the ground;
They couldn't even walk!
As for language, they were silent,
Merely swaying in the breeze!
I certainly hadn't expected
Creatures such as these!
They had no facial features,
Just feathery sort of hair;
And all they did was look at me
With a sort of no-eyed stare.
I lay there utterly stupefied,
By the very eerie sight.
Until I suddenly recalled
The party we had last night!


That he survived to tell the tale is something of an achievement!
I would have thought his relatives would have suffered a bereavement!
I find it hard to swallow pills if they stick in my throat
And they are usually smooth with a sort of sugar coat!
A sword, on the other hand, isn't smooth! It's sharp and long and evil;
Even 'falling on one's sword' is bad and almost medieval!
Imagine opening up one's mouth and one's gullet (even worse)!
Knowing that what is sliding in must come out in reverse!
Worst of all, initiation! Think of that first try
When a certain adage fills one's mind! Yes! That one.....'Do or die!'
And what would possess a young man to have such an ambition?
'I want to be sword-swallower, Dad! Please give me your permission!'
And what of the Dad who then replies 'I'm proud of you, my son!
Hie you to Swallowers to learn how it is done!'
This book looks pretty old to me; the cover reeks of age,
And I'm sure I'd find out that was so if I looked at every page.
But Swallowing is Swallowing, whatever be the era,
And, old or not, this expose must make the matter clearer!
'Don't try this at home', my friends, should be written on the cover!
For it's likely that the sword will stick and you will not recover!

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