Thursday, January 5, 2012

How Are the Mighty....

asks us to use the words
"naughty     tactic     zenith"


'How are the mighty fallen?';
We hear that every day,
When athletes struggle to achieve
And, forthwith, lose their way.
They have used every tactic
To reach the very top;
Clawing their way to supreme success,
But they don't know when to stop.
Not content with being famous,
And, indeed, a household name;
Not content with being the best
At their particular game,
They are tempted by money
Or some other glittering prize,
And they decide to be naughty,
Cheating and telling lies.
Illegal betting entices them,
With its offer of bags of cash;
They only see the glitter of gold,
And lose everything in a flash.
Right at the zenith of their career
They throw everything away,
Hanging their heads in public,
Not knowing what to say.
So, for all their prestige
And their athletic gains,
Maybe they need to exercise
Their rather meagre brains!


What lies behind
The half-drawn blind,
Making shades of dark and light?
I only know
The gentle glow
Seems, artistically, just right.


Mary Mansfield said...

Loved your interpretation of the 3 Word Wednesday prompt, you really captured the pressures athletes can face.

And Enigma, wow, truly a beautiful poem.

Angel said...

This is true of many, not just athletes. Nice job.

Kat said...

I have a tip for not-to-fall"

Don't become mighty :-)))

Enigmatic Soul said...

Great use of the three words - naughty, zenith and tactics. Wonderful poem.

Marianne McNamara said...

What a creative use of the prompt words! I've always felt professional athletes are overpaid and over-rated. Wonderful poem! This is my first attempt at 3WW. Up til now, I have mostly tried wordles. Love this challenge!

Berowne said...

Another outstanding rhyme from

MaryA said...

The greater the success the greater the fall. Nice use of the three words this week.

Alice Audrey said...

All that power is just too tempting.

Great use of three words. Please read my attempt.

Sheilagh Lee said...

all that fame and glory and seems they get bored and get bad. great sue of the prompts in both these poems.