Sunday, January 1, 2012


gave us the first line


As the New Year approaches men swear
That they'll have a real hot love-affair.
But the girls that they meet
In the bar, on the street,
Say 'We're sorry! Your cupboard is bare!'


He was the centre of attention when first he came in view;
When he was bright and shiny, unusual and new.
They hung him up above the bar in a local hostelry;
A handsome Smiling Jester for everyone to see.
Everyone stood around and said 'What a great addition!'
But now I fear he represents the worst of the human condition.
We, too, have been bright and shiny, wide-eyed and full of vim!
We too have gazed out at the world looking a bit like him.
But life lobbed an empty glass at us, in a nasty little fit of pique,
And our nose, once one of our best points, is now nothing but a freak!
Our frills are rather droopy, our colour's faded too,
We don't look quite as snazzy as we did when we were new.
We hang-about and still enjoy all of the passing-show,
But we're not the Jolly Jesters that we were so long ago.
Still, never mind, we're still up there, smiling from the wall;
We have to be quite grateful that we're still up there at all!

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Madeleine Begun Kane said...

LOL! Fun limerick!

Happy New Year! And thanks for all your fun contributions to my 2011 Limerick-Offs!