Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Ending

gave us the topic


Left to themselves, those two little words
Inevitably sound sad.
We have to add the word 'happy'.
To make them sound less bad.
'The film had a happy ending'
Is a phrase that we might hear.
'The film had a...sort of... ending'
Is uselessly austere.
The ending of something always sounds
Dreary and rather bleak,
Anyone not feeling sad
Would simply be unique.
But think of an illness 'ending',
Or think of a quarrel's end;
Think of the end of boredom
When you're happy with a friend.
Each ending's a new beginning,
Even though we may mourn the past.
And even the saddest ending
Turns into memory at last.


In an age of increasing speed,
A footpath's what we sorely need.
Something to slow us down a little,
When life is bright and brash and brittle.
Soothe your senses with this sight;
Compare it with the world of 'byte'!
Picture yourself brushing through the grasses,
Where nothing heavier than footfall passes.
Smell the perfume of wild flowers
Where no scent assaults or overpowers.
Pick up a stone and view its veins,
The marks of soil and weather stains.
Marvel at all the living things,
 Those that crawl and those with wings.
Listen to the chirp of crickets,
In tufts and greenly pleasant thickets.
Sit yourself upon the stile...........
You've nothing at all to do but........


vivinfrance said...

AOK, both of them.

Marie Elena said...

"And even the saddest ending

Turns into memory at last." Love it.

Traci B said...

Followed your link over from Poetic Bloomings' Ending prompt - I like both poems very much. There's a hopeful note in "The Ending" and I think "On Foot" actually lowered my blood pressure and pulse rate. ;)

Sally Jadlow said...

Love your poems, Brenda.