Sunday, January 1, 2012

How to Mend a Broken Heart

The Wordle

gave us the words in blue to play with


Trish was knitting Stan a sweater,
Coloured plum to suit him better
When he posted her a letter
Of rejection.
Her knitting fingers stopped
And her stitches all were dropped
And on the bed she flopped;
Utter dejection!

Her awful sense of loss
Made her very, very cross;
Seems he didn't give a toss
All the while.
She never had expected
To be, like that, rejected,
And his letters she collected
In a pile.

She made a great big fire
Like an Indian funeral pyre
As she shovelled it grew higher
Friends cried 'Stop!'
She threw in the yarn and letters
As though throwing off her fetters,
And she bought two young red setters
From the shop.

On the wind the embers drifting
Caused her spirits to be lifting
And her attitude was shifting
As they blew.
Then she cradled both her pets
As she took them to the vet's!
See how quickly one forgets
With something new!'


Motherhood is complex, mixing all emotion,
Partly irritation, partly great devotion!
Is this a Mother full of care, bent over with the chores,
Or is this a Mother dancing with the children she adores?
A real-life Mother, somewhere, is rushing, fretting, stressed,
Busy in the morning getting children fed and dressed;
She will view this statuette as indicative of worry,
Children 'dragging at her skirts', chivvying them to hurry.
But, somewhere else, another Mother's in a happy mood,
Dancing with her children, happy with her brood.
She'll view the statuette and see a love that knows no bounds;
A vision of that special bond that engulfs us and astounds.
In ebony, the artist has captured bad and good;
That miracle of existence that we know as Motherhood.
We had a lovely New Year's Eve, although I fear we saw the fireworks in Sydney on TV from the comfort of our bed, with a nice cup of tea. Might as well admit it! First we went out to lunch to the Blume's house, which is just around the corner. We had a delightful meal of open sandwiches etc and enjoyed a companionable conversation.
Here we are having a pre-lunch drink and nibbles. Summer has arrived at last.
Here is Peter (it was his House-warming as well as New Year) with a guest who had made bread in the shape of the New Year! Very artistic! 
This lady was a joy to me. When she heard my name she remembered that we'd taught together about 32 years ago and she dived over to introduce herself. She remembered so many things about our teaching together, and about my family.She is much prettier than this photo suggests. 
Peter and Julie's new house is high on a hill and quite palatial. The sunset was lovely but my photo doesn't do justice to it.


vivinfrance said...

I always enjoy reading your posts, and today you have excelled yourself. I hope you have a great 2012.

Traci B said...

Terrific writing, using the wordle and those photos to produce two very enjoyable poems. "How to Mend a Broken Heart" gave me a chuckle - it sounds like something I'd do (only with kittens instead of puppies). And although I have no children, I see the truth in your second poem. Well done all around.

Laurie Kolp said...

Burning those rejections and getting two puppies... now that's the attitude. Happy New Year, Brenda!

Anonymous said...

a lot of good elements to your wordle. for one, the pets made her happy at the end, and that is the biggest lesson in life.

but i'm assuming that she got an email, not a snail mail letter because it seemed to happen so fast and so suddenly.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Oh, Stan probably wasn't worth remembering anyway! Delightful!

A Whirl of Haiku

Anonymous said...

Out with the old, in with the new...times two! :)

Janet said...

Love the rhyming scheme and the humor! Very well done!