Friday, January 6, 2012

English Lesson

asks us to consider the word 'unique'


I take this opportunity
To educated the masses!
It's twenty years since I was teaching
My own language classes.
But the urge to be a school-marm
Still persists into old age;
I still long to put red ink-marks
On each unworthy page!
This utterly lovely sea-shell
Is spoken-of as 'unique',
But it isn't the sole one of its kind,
Something that's a freak.
(If it's a man-made ornament
It may very well comply,
But I reckon it's from the sea-shore
Under a summer sky.)
It isn't even 'quite' unique.....
It must be the one and only,
The only one in the whole wide world,
All alone and lonely.
It certainly can't be 'very',
Nothing's 'uniquer' than 'unique';
It's impossible to go higher
Than the very highest peak.
My language-use isn't perfect;
People often correct my spelling,
And it isn't that with rectitude
And pride I'm simply swelling;
It's just that the use of the word 'unique'
Is something that often riles,
Now I've got that off my chest
Imagine me wreathed in smiles!


'Ah yes! I remember it well!'
As Maurice Chevalier sang;
When Blake was just seven or eight
And we went to the pool with the gang.
It must have been only last week....
No! I'm wrong! It was some years ago.
It's strange how the years can go fast,
When, frequently, days seem quite slow!
The boys had come out of the water,
And so all the swimming was done.
They were wrapped up against chilly breezes,
Although it was warm in the sun.
That same sun was to prove our undoing!
No matter how cool the boys felt,
The chocolate cake, with its smarties,
Decided to languish and melt!
But whatever catastrophe happens,
With boys in a partying mood,
It all proves to be quite exciting,
Whatever the state of the food!
With joy they attacked melting chocolate,
Falling under some ravenous spell!
Are you sure that it wasn't last Wednesday?
'Ah yes! I remember it well.'


Kat said...

God's blessed the english language in your mind and hands..!!!

Why bother to red-ink things, instead of looking forward to green-ink the worth ones :-)))

Ella said...

What a unique view of the prompt :D
Clever way to look at it~
Happy New Year!
Glad you shared~

Kim Nelson said...

As a wordsmith and lover of language, I adore your first piece. You've illuminated some common foibles and clarified what can sometimes seem murky.

rch said...

Very witty as usual, your point of view is always so (are you ready?) Unique ;-)

jaerose said...

The power of the teacher's red pen..and a 'good work' pleasing as that wonderful looking read..and think of..Jae

Denise Moncrief said...

Enjoyed the lesson on unique. I'll be judicious with my use of the word now.

oldegg said...

What really gets me is politicians with their qualification of superlatives and to think that we are voting for them!!!

Delightful verse as always especially 'Melt-down' as it is my grandson's birthday today.

Granny Smith said...

What a very unique post! Oh, excuse me. Did I say something that offends you?
Seriously, you had me really laughing aloud. (Not just "lol") I always enjoy your posts!

CC Champagne said...

Two so completely different poems (in feeling), yet both very nice! As a non-native English speaker I always feel very conscious about my language use... *smile*