Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stepping Out



Ships are floating larders,
Full of tasty food,
And Malcolm had eaten long and well;
(I don't want to be rude!)
So, every morning on the cruise
He was always found
Walking round and round and round
And round and round and round!
Here I took a shot of him
Walking off the weight;
Preparing to allow some room
For yet another plate!


Black, white and scarlet; scarlet, black and white;
Design at its very best, a positive delight.
'Sisters Red' is the title, yet one sister is dark,
Making one sense conflict, a rivalry that's stark.
There are no eyes; the lack of them creates a mystery;
If there were eyes, what expressions would we be able to see?
The curls of the hair are combining; the patterns intermingle;
I see the sisters as twins, not as siblings who are single.
Love mixed with hatred, that comes through, with right on neither side;
Maybe a terrible jealousy that cannot be denied.
That a tragedy's involved is almost certain, because we see
Another face at the bottom, making character number three!
A demon face we missed before with red eyes all aglow!
So wickedness must be involved; this figure says it's so.
I love the design of this cover! The almost-symmetry
And the intriguing story, which must be fantasy.
Commercial art is indeed an art, as I frequently discover.
Not only design but persuasion......'Come on! Look inside the cover!'

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Lois Evensen said...

Yes, walking off the dinners is the only way to eat dessert the next night on a cruise. :) If I didn't go walking every day while at sea, I would be unloaded as cargo at the end of ten weeks!