Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Sapling

asks us for a verse to fit on a gift-tag


What can I give to you, who gives so much to me?
I have chosen this sapling, which will grow into a tree.
Plant it in your garden, and, as it grows each year,
You will know that, day by day, you grow, to me, more dear.

(A story for children.)

Once upon a time on a summers day
Two little cats went out to play.
They decided to play at Hide and Seek
Among the bushes by the creek.
'I'll count!' said Minky, 'And then I'll call.
You can hide anywhere, anywhere at all!
When I call out 'Ready or not'
I'll easily find your chosen spot'.
'All right!' said Pinky, 'Close your eyes.
Bet you'll get a big surprise!'
Minky counted 'One, two, three!
I bet you're hiding behind a tree!'
Then she counted 'Four, five, six!
Don't play any naughty tricks!'
She counted more, right up to twenty,
Then she thought that that was plenty.
So she opened her eyes and looked around;
Pinky, she knew, would soon be found.
She looked behind trees, and by the pond;
She searched the meadow and beyond.
She looked in the garden shed as well;
 Where was Pinky? It was hard to tell.
'Surely I'll find Pinky soon!'
Said Minky in the afternoon.
'Where can she be? Where can she be?
I thought I'd find her easily!
I'm getting tired! I want my Mummy!
I need some supper in my tummy!'
So Minky ran home, fast as can be!
And there was Pinky having tea!
Pinky laughed and Pinky said
'I was hiding in my bed!'
Said Minky 'But that wasn't fair!'
Said Pinky 'You said anywhere!'
Minky purred and said 'That's true!
I hope you've left enough milk for two!'

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