Saturday, January 3, 2009

Reprint: Seagull in the Snow.

I've just visited Sylvia from Over the Hill and I was surprised to see my seagull poem/song on her Blog. I was flattered, of course, but I was also delighted to find it, because I'd 'lost' it myself! I now preserve it properly.

To be sung to the tune 'Winter Wonderland.'

I've been out in all weathers,
And it's ruffled my feathers,
But this is a first:
I hope it's the worst.
Who would be a Seagull in the Snow?
I can feel my beak freezing
And it isn't too pleasing,
And as for the feet
They long for some heat.
Who would be a Seagull in the Snow?
I can tell you life is getting dicey;
All the worms are deep beneath the ground!
Look at my expression! It is icy!
You are by the fire I'll be bound!
See, my eye! It's so beady!
It's a sign that I'm needy.
Though I'm on the beach
I can't raise a screech!
Who would be a Seagull in the Snow!


Sylvia K said...

I'm so glad that I made a copy of it the day you first posted it, because my computer troubles had begun and I didn't want to take any chances, particularly after I had gone to your site and couldn't find it there again. It's just such a great poem and fits his expression perfectly. We did a great bit of collaboration on this one, don't you agree? Thanks again, it's been fun!

Maggie May said...

Well I for one wouldn't like to be a seagull in the snow!
Good poem and you must have been well chuffed to find the poem on another blog so that you could steal it back again!
Happy New Year!

Bear Naked said...

Even though seagulls are not my favourite creature, I must admit I do feel sorry for this one.
His feet must be freezing.

Bear((( )))

Kat said...

Actually I feel all admiration for this sea-gull. Your poem gives me a feeling that he's battling against so many odds. He's sure to win :)))

strawberryicexx said...

that was so fun to sing along to, I'm gonna sing it to my sister later! I kinda pity that seagull.. nice work!

Brian Miller said...

teehee...i sang it as i read...much fun. i would not want to be a seagull in the snow...happy tt!

Kris McCracken said...

Poor old seagull...

Jaime said...

that song is going to be stuck in my head now.

Lizzie said...

Great poem and fun post. This will be stuck in my head for awhile now. :) Happy TT.

Baino said...

Poor frozen snossage. And I am DELIGHTED to see a comment by Bear Naked, Ithought she'd gone underground but it seems my reader is no longer picking up her posts. Must whizz over for a visit. Hot at yours? Pretty damn warm in Sydney!

Ravyn said...

Yep, song is now stuck in my brain...sigh.

The Author said...

Oh the poor little seagull.
I love the poem. Its fun to sing along too. :)

Wings1295 said...

Fun poem! Good to see them get a little of the chill we do!

Anonymous said...

I love it! And now I can't get the tune out of my head, HA!

Tom said...

anything with wings oughta know better! If i had wings right now for sure i'd be in Florida.

Dot-Com said...

I bet that seagull's name is Kaj. I agree with Tom, though. The seagull should be smart enough to go somewhere sunny and hot!

Roy said...

Great, now you've started an earworm epidemic! Heh, heh!

Dakota Bear said...

Nice poem. I'm happy to read you have found it again.

Poor seagull!

Michael said...

I feel cold just reading this and feel bad for the lil seagull. Great poem. Did she realise it was from you then and give credit where it was due? Suspect so. Take it as you have then --a compliment for a lovely piece.