Saturday, January 10, 2009

P.S. The Peculiar Galaxy Club!

Today's MEME EXPRESS buzz word was 'PECULIAR' 

There really is a club dedicated to finding and photographing Peculiar Galaxies! There may be a lot more than three hundred and fifty now, but this was the approximate number in the article I read. Don't forget.... these aren't stars, they are collections of billions of stars and very frequently they're colliding! It's all a bit scary. 


The Peculiar Galaxy Club,
Is a club I shall never aspire to,
For its members spend nights
Photographing strange sights,
And I find that I do not desire to.

When I'm lying asleep in my bed
Their telescopes skyward are gazing
Not for planets like Mars,
Or normal old stars,
But for Galaxies much more amazing!

There are over three hundred of these
And I'm certain no two are the same.
They must mingle or spread
Or be thin like a thread
To deserve the 'PECULIAR' name.

Photographing the lot is too hard,
And so for a hundred they're aiming.
They then make a list
And firmly insist
That their photographs merit a framing!

The Peculiar Galaxy Club
Is something I've really admired.
But they'll never admit me.
The reason's just hit me!
At bedtime I'm always too tired! 


Jinksy said...

'Galaxy' means just one thing
to chocolate lovers all -
a smooth and tempting nibble
when 'the munchies' come to call.

(The muchies, in case you've never had them visit, are those niggling, not-relly-hungry-but-could-do-with-a-little-smackerel-of-something urges which tend to surface at the latter end of the day)

LA Nickers said...

Mind-boggling - and fun.

Thanks for playing.



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Kat said...

heh heh... I'm sure in your dreams you'll catch up soaring all the galaxies..!!!