Saturday, January 24, 2009

280A Ceremonial



I am intrigued by the start of things;
What lies at the very heart of things.
For ceremonials seem to be set
Firmly in amber and yet.... and yet....
'It's always been done this way' they say.
But 'always' had its own natal day.
Someone, once, said 'Let's all kneel!'
Or 'I vote we hear the church-bells peal!'
Or 'How about if we shout Hip Hip!'
Or  'Lets walk in a circle and then dip!'
'I know!' another would say 'Then I'm
Going to say a really important rhyme!'
'Let's all throw our hats in the air!
Another will say ' And tear our hair!'
Ideas must have surfaced one by one;
They probably had a lot of fun!
I bet they quarreled and disagreed
Over timing, wording, dance and deed!
Finally, feeling most frustrated
Someone must have stood up and stated
'The king's crowned tomorrow! It's up to me
To create something called a cer-e-mon-y.
Understand! We're on a mission,
Creating something they'll call TRADITION!
In hundreds of years I can hear them say

'Of course, it's always been done this way.'


Jinksy said...

Ain't that the truth! Loved this quirky outlook on tradition.

Anonymous said...

Nicely worded, I like the way you kept the couplets going right to the end.

Anonymous said...

It's specific enough 9and quirky enough)for me.

Anonymous said...

worded well
liked the "thinking" dialogue and your thoughts

Kat said...

Even an 'always' had a beginning..!!! Subtly hammered in..!!