Sunday, January 11, 2009

266. Blame!


This quaint painting by Verhas published by SIMPLY SNICKERS has inspired some quaintish verse!


 I'm going to tell Mammy you did it!
I'll say you were running too fast!
You were chasing that ball
And it ran down the hall!
You knocked over the plant as you passed!
She'll make you stay up in the nursery
Till Dadda comes home. Wait and see!
He'll give you the strap
And I'll secretly clap!
I'll be happy because it's not me!

 But I'm going to tell Mammy you did it!
I'll say you were dancing around!
You were tossing your curls
Just like all silly girls,
And the plant-pot just crashed to the ground!
You'll have nothing but gruel and water
And your doll will be taken away.
You'll be slapped that's for sure,
A hard slap, very sore,
And I can't guess what Dadda will say!

 But we know very well we were chasing!
We know we both tripped on the mat!
Try to look meek and mild,
Like a dutiful child
And blame the whole thing on the 



Jinksy said...

How did I survive without a daily dose, before I knew you existed?

LA Nickers said...

This is simply WONDERFUL, my friend.

I am a bit perplexed within - does it remind me more of a Dickensian tale or a beloved Stevenson story?

So clever and cute.

Thanks for sharing.


haha - The CAPTCHA code (below) is grogged. What? 8-)

Lanie said...

This started my day off in the right direction this morning! It caught my eye because my in-laws (who recently moved out of state) had this painting in their parlor.

My daughter and I have often wondered what the story could be behind the painting and this seems to explain it so perfectly!

They also have two cats.

Thanks for sharing!

me said...

lol, blame the cat, my kids would love that (only we don't have a cat,so they just blame one another) :)

Kat said...

vividly remembering fights with my sisters..!!! so well captured.

but then the Kat is always blamed..!!!