Friday, January 23, 2009

Humming 'Birds'

This lady looks very much like my Grandma, but it's not her.


My Grandma was of the old school,
Like many, just a drudge,
While Grandpa thought men ruled the world,
And didn't think to budge.
She did the washing, ironing, beds,
The cooking and the floors,
The washing-up, the windows,
And all the other chores.
But she always seemed quite cheerful,
After all, she was a wife,
And every female on the earth
Knew housework ruled her life.

Now Grandma had a saying,
It was picked-up by my Mum;
She'd cry out 'No-one stop me now!
Because I'm in a hum!'
As she bustled round her kitchen
Or she let fly with the broom
Or hung out lines of washing
Or dusted the back room,
We'd hear her say her mantra
As she'd shine a window pane
'Don't stop me now! I'm in a hum!'
Over and over again.

That was seventy years ago
And, luckily, life has changed,
The men are willing(?) helpers
And things are re-arranged.
But some things never alter.
I have my Grandma's genes,
And often I'm the one who cooks
And sweeps the floor, and cleans.
And echoing over the decades
The mantra seems to come......
As I keep the momentum going
I cry 'Look! I'm in a hum!'

But when I stop for coffee
I've some other words to say
I've a mantra of my own......

'That'll do for today.'


Reader Wil said...

Hi, I have tagged you for a game, if you want to join us, please go to my blog to see the rules.

Sylvia K said...

Oh, yes! another great one! I do love to write, but don't have a talent for poetry. I did take a class a few years ago and did some "okay" stuff. You just might inspire to try again!

Winifred said...

That's a delightful picture. Is she cleaning the range?

It's amazing how life has changed and as you say we're the ones who can see the span between the past and also the present.

June Saville said...

Hi Brenda
Good to meet you. I do think we've crossed blogging paths before somewhere ...
I loved the pic and the poems.
I agree with the sentiments, and think there's still a way to go with the willingness (?) about help from the blokes. Still, one step at a time.
So you live in Newcastle NSW - if you make your way north again email me and we can meet.

Kat said...

loved the LAST LINE :))))))))))

You knew where to draw the line, with those mantra words....!!!!