Saturday, January 24, 2009

283.Taking a Break!


This painting, entitled 'Young Italian Girl Resting on Her Elbow' is this weekend's prompt from

Why, I asked myself, was this girl resting? No doubt Cezanne's ghost will let me know if I've got it wrong!


Monsieur Cezanne! I know you pay!
But must I have to stand all day?

Quiet, little one, keep your pose!
I like the line of your peasant clothes!

It's been hours and hours and I'm feeling faint!
All you want to do is paint!

A masterpiece will soon appear!
It's a great work that I'm doing here!

But I can't even have a peep!
And now my foot has gone to sleep!

Stand up straight! Don't droop! Don't sway!
Fidget again and you get no pay!

It's alright for you! You're on a seat!
I wish you were the one with the aching feet!

Great art, my girl, demands sacrifice!
Everyone must pay a price!

Now my back's begun to ache!
How much longer will this take?

The spirits move me and I must heed!
I must go where the spirits lead!

All you bother about's your dream!
And you only pay me one centime!

And all you have to do is stand!
I really thought you'd understand!

Mother wants me home by three!
How much longer will you be!

For goodness sake! Lean on that chair!
Just for a second! That one! There!

Oooh! That's better! Oooh! That's fine!
But what I'd give for a glass of wine!

You Italian girls are all the same!
I'm almost sorry that you came!

Just five minutes, that's all I ask.
Then you can complete your task.

Wait! Wait! Stay there just as you are!
That's a better pose by far!
That hand on cheek is quite appealing!
The lines, the shadows it's revealing!
I'll throw this-morning's in the bin!

Stay just like that and I'll begin!


Anonymous said...

this was a fun read. i like the two voices in one poem... great imagination here.

Sylvia K said...

Mmmmm makes me very glad I didn't model anymore than I did! Poor girl! Great post, as always!

Jinksy said...

As a one time art student, my vote goes to the painter! A drooping model is the pits...

anthonynorth said...

That was great! Loved it. Perfect sense of humour.

Linda Jacobs said...

I love this! You really get into her brain!

LA Nickers said...

Your blog is so much fun.

You are amazingly creative and prolific.



Kat said...

How well a model's pains are brought out. Modeling for painting must be banned :))))

Heart goes to Monalisa... for wearing the smile all the time, until it was captured.