Sunday, January 18, 2009



Ben said  'A place for everything
And everything in it's place'!
How did the old chap realise
My drawers are a disgrace?
His words have echoed in my ears
Each day, more or less;
Always in my mother's voice;
Yet I'm always in a mess.
But deep inside this muddler
Is a person who is neat.
And even in my waning years
 I can't admit defeat.
I buy big boxes from the store;
This time I'll organise!
This time I'll follow Ben's advice;
There will be no compromise.
But then I forget to label them,
So I scrabble deep within
To find an item I've mislaid! 
I simply cannot win!
Sometimes I tip the boxful out
Then shove it back again.
I really will be neat next time.
But when is next time? When?
But I  wonder if old Benjamin
Was such a neatness freak.
If I could find his chest-of-drawers
 I'd like to take a peek.
I bet they were an awful mess,
If only we could see.
Maybe he wasn't as honest
As little old scruffy me!
Have a look at my picture!
See 'stuff' strewn on the floor!
Goodness gracious Benjamin!
That's what boxes are for!
So now I'm going to rustle up
 A homily myself.....
'Don't believe Ben Franklin
Till you've checked-out every shelf!'


Granny Smith said...

I love it! You must have taken a peek at my house. But it isn't just my boxes and drawers that are disaster areas. My whole house is!

Winifred said...

Love that poem and the picture too.

Granny Smith and I have a lot in common, not just The Beatles. My whole house is a mess too. I used to blame the kiddiwinks when they were at home and I was working but I have to confess, since I retired I've realised it's mainly me. Maybe I'll blame my grandchildren, well they're here a lot, but I wouldn't have it any other way. My Mam used to always say that the house would be there when she wasn't. Sadly true.

present said...

I always have to remember to start each day, now, in the mess, rather than wait for an orgnaized existence.
A place for everything seems to be something to aspire to, yet never achieve.

Kat said...

"....If I could find his chest-of-drawers
I'd like to take a peek.
I bet they were an awful mess,.."

I have met people who are really well organised and I've envied them.

even when they aren't around, I've seen that things are so proper.

One of these days I to owill get out of these enquire, search and seize operations..!!!!

H said...

Very funny and clever post! I love to be tidy and organised, but mostly I'm only semi of both. How can I possibly have a tidy house when I live with 2 teenage boys? :)

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I am pretty disorganized, I'm afraid, but spring cleaning is just around the corner...

wait, I don't do spring cleaning!

oh well...

Judie said...

OMG! This is a super post! When I am creating art, I follow Ben's rule. But in my everyday life, whatever happens, happens!!

~✽Mumsy✽~ said...

I'm a very organized person, but it's tiring to keep up with two kids, so I give up! I'm thinking of hiring a cleaning lady now :-(

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

You're a genius!

Unknown said...

I wish a were neat! Wonder if he really was?

Jenny said...

Wow. This is great! How clever you are to craft a poem about disorganization. You could have definitely used me for inspiration on this particular subject for sure!

I enjoy your wry twist for the letter B this week.

Thank you for linking.


Francisca said...

Oh darn it, now my dirty secret is out... Where are those boxes! But maybe us messies just have better things to do...? Well done, Brenda... AGAIN!

Susan Anderson said...

Another great rhyme!


Betty said...

So much like me. I always have good intentions. I'm so envious of organized people. In fact, on my blog I have the quote, "Organized people are just too lazy to look for things."

Cheryl D. said...

Cool rhyme inspired by a cool man!

Terra said...

truly great! I just loved reading that! Thanks for sharing your poem!

Teresa said...

How fun! I think I need to go clean.