Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Aquarius!

Welcome to all Aquarians! Enter and take a bow!
The next few weeks belong to you. Rejoice! Your time is now!
You're very friendly people with a strongly humanist bent.
But we mustn't get too close because that's something you resent.
You worry about humanity, but not the man next door!
My troubles don't concern you but you weep for the Third World's poor.
You're very keen on honesty, but that may make you blunt.
You enjoy being different from others and put-up quite a front.
You like to be contrary and swim against the flow
And, because you're quite rebellious, your favourite word is 'No!'
You're original and inventive but chaos often reigns
And your very intractability tends to addle your brains!
'Too many minds to go mad!' they say and that is you, Aquarius!
Your interests are so very wide and different and various.
You're lively and you're extrovert, making friends along life's way,
But then you you may become detached and drive those friends away. 
You can become quite moody if your feelings should be hurt,
And then you show a different side, rather cold and curt.
Your health is very robust, though your ankles may be weak,
And your memory is excellent; you're quite a memory-freak!
Deep red is your colour; lucky numbers are four and eight,
 Enjoy yourselves, Aquarians! Next year will be great!

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Darlene said...

As I read your great rhyme on Aquarians the song "The Age of Aquarius" was running through my head. Has it really been so long since that age? I think your rhyme fits the young people of that time.