Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Banjo Baby!

The MEME EXPRESS suggestion today is 'Well-Dressed Pet'

I just had to dash-off this little bit of nothing to get Banjo's picture on my Blog!


When grandson Blake was only three
Banjo came to stay.
He was tiny enough to fit in a hand,
But big enough to play.
His little bones were like a bird's;
He shivered in the breeze;
He looked up at us with pleading eyes
Saying 'Knit me a jacket..... please.'
We found him a teddy-bear's cast-off coat
And he found a patch of sun,
And even asleep his little tail wagged
And we knew a heart had been won.
It wasn't a jacket all lined with fur,
Or decked-out with strips of leather,
But it perfectly fitted the little pup,
And kept out the chilly weather.
Now Blake is ten and growing tall,
And Banjo will soon be seven,
But still he's as cute as a baby pup,
And he still thinks jackets are heaven.
He's gone a sort of rusty grey 
But he's still the best dog ever.
He's bright, affectionate, always there
And his tricks with a ball are clever.
You can keep your poodle in pretty pink,
With ribbons round her throat,
We'll take Banjo,
For all of us know,
He's sweet in his knitted coat.


LA Nickers said...

That's adorable!

Thanks for participating again today at MEME EXPRESS – daily blog prompts

Be blessed today. We're FREEZING in the U.S. Midwest!



Kat said...

I love dogs and my wife hates dogs :))))

I remember seeing Blake and Banjo pictures you posted in "Plus" X-cavating....

and your cute comment.. "(He's now seven and still a puppy!)"

If Banjo could understand poems, he'd have been thrilled.