Sunday, January 4, 2009

258. Window of Opportunity


This is this Sunday's meme from 
I hope Rob Howe will forgive this intrusion. If he hears of this entry and is unhappy I will remove it.
But I'm advertising what I think is a lovely painting.


Inside every fat woman
Is a slim one.
Inside every tone-deaf person
Is a voice.
Inside everyone like me
Is an artist!

I sometimes I imagine I am painting.
I feel the brush between my fingers,
I mix the paint,
I stand back to get a proper perspective.

Sometimes I even imagine myself 
In a paint-spattered smock!
How ridiculous!

I once went to a class called
'Paint with the Right Side of your Brain'.
I was hopeful.
But my right brain was as stupid as my left!

Matisse had no such problem.
For him it all happened!
And we exult
In the result.

But my paintings
Would never have resembled
Those of Matisse.
Brilliant colours
Would never have been my style.
                                                Rob Howe

But I can pretend to be
Rob Howe.
Not such a name to conjour with,
But ideal
For a glorious game of  'Let's Pretend'.

Because he has let me in 
On the process.
His window could be mine.
His view could be mine.
His brushes and paints
Could be mine.
Even the torn wallpaper
Could be mine.

I can 
His painting.

And my tone-deaf voice can sing!


Winifred said...

I know that feeling about wanting to be creative but not getting there. I really envy artists, musicians too.

However your talents certainly lie in creating poetry. Keep it up Brenda.

Kat said...

Lovely painting and a glorious tribute.

Me too, sometimes dream of writing poetry :))))) but I always wake up to reality and have my joy in reading and be content..!!!