Sunday, January 18, 2009

Footnote: Little-Boy Logic

Harry's Mummy is a Lawyer. Do you think Harry might grow up to be one too?


Harry is now four years old and a really lovely boy,
Most of the time it's obvious he's Grandma's pride and joy.
But Harry's very cluey; you'd say 'sharp as a tack',
And sometimes (not very often) Harry 'answers back'.
The other day his mother overheard him at his play,
And she responded 'Harry! Harry! You must watch what you say!'
Harry paused a second, and then his reply was choice...
'How can I watch what I'm saying when I'm this side of my voice?'


Ugich Konitari said...

A gem of a boy, I suspect,
His logic is super perfect,
Anantomical brilliance, he has nothing to hide,
For watching and hearing, the voice is on the wrong side...

Just wondering. Is Harry's father a doctor ? he might just be a great lawyer or doctor,,,,

Came visiting here from Sylvia's blog. Greetings from India...

latree said...

sounds he would be :)

Jinksy said...

That's my kind of logic.

Winifred said...

Not sure what's happening to my comments, they keep disappearing into the ether. Apologies if this one is duplicated or even triplicated.

He's bright that one and gorgeous with it!

Kat said...

Harry's going to become a lawyer, but I suspect he'll do well as a politician :)))