Tuesday, January 6, 2009

261. Saturday Night Fever.

Sad, but true.

MEME EXPRESS brought this one on! 


My Saturday Nights aren't fevered!
 My temperature's gone down!
At the end of the week
I no longer seek
A night out on the town!

In the days of my youth, I remember,
Shenanigens were a must,
I'd take my chance
On the great romance
Or, at least, a bit of lust!

I'd dream of meeting a lover,
Who'd be dark and slim and tall,
Though I must admit
I wasn't a hit
At the Kensington Town Hall!

I'd be squeezed by paunchy patrons
Who were horribly past their best!
I'd be clutched and mauled
And overhauled,
Grasped tight to a manly chest.

Very rarely, the magic happened,
'Across a crowded room',
I'd think 'Here we go!'
When we said 'Hallo'
And my heart would go 'Boom boom boom!'

But, more often, on Sunday mornings,
 I'd wake with that old 'So what!'
The night before
Had proved, as before,
That my property wasn't hot.

And now, as I'm nearing eighty,
I find that my greatest thrill
Is a cup of tea,
The cat on my knee,
A bag of sweets and 'The Bill'.

The young will find that ghastly!
They'll think my cupboard bare.
But I finally found
A man, who's around.......
Asleep in the other arm-chair!

(For the first time I have given a false impression, deliberately! The cat, pictured as sitting cosily on my lap, in this poem, died about three years ago. So she is a memory rather than a reality. Her name was Ashleigh, not after that drip in 'Gone With the Wind' but because she was ash-grey.)


Sylvia K said...

I love it! And did make me think about Saturday Night Live! And it's true for more of us than many want to admit. I had the fun times, some I regret, others I cherish. But as I move towards 76, I find I enjoy my cup of tea or chocolate or a glass of wine, a game of solitaire, my Schnauzer, Sam and my kids -- the one I live with and the other three scattered over the country. Most of the time, I think, life is what we make it and there are always good times and bad, but we can choose to remember to the good ones.

Winifred said...

Yes the Staurday nights at the dance were usually a total disaster. Have to say I only ever met one nice bloke at a dance. My other boyfriends were ones I met at work or at the local church youth club. I met my husband at work.

Patty said...

LOL Love this poem, I can relate to so much of it. LOL Except my better half is usually asleep in the recliner in the other room. He sets in the living room, which is in the front part of our home, with his flat screen HD TV, I set in the family room, which is off the kitchen area, with my big old TV. this way we can each have our own remote and watch what we want. I even have head phones, so when everyone is sleeping, only I can hear my TV. I tried my hearing aids, but, all I could hear was his TV from the front of the house, so when our daughter and granddaughter weren't living here, I would put my head phones on early. They are the best thing I have ever bought for myself. Again, loved the poem.

Bear Naked said...

Oh Brenda, all of us gals of a *certain* age can relate to this poem.

Bear((( )))

Granny Smith said...

Another octogenarian checking in! But I'm the one who is more apt to go to sleep while my hubby is wide awake and still trying to save the world. And don't mention those Saturday night dances!

LA Nickers said...

Loved this one. So true.


PLEASE, DON’T DO US ANY FAVORS – on holiday party guests

Kat said...

:))))) you can't resist taking a swipe at "....A man, who's around....... Asleep in the other arm-chair!"

And we carry fever all seven days, of people who write nice poems :))))))