Saturday, January 3, 2009

P.S. It's Not Cricket!

(For my good friend Kat who is an Indian but too polite to gloat!)


Muffle the drums and wear the crepe!
Australians simply can't escape
From the fact that they're no longer Kings,
Cream of the Crop, Lord of the Rings!
It's of CRICKET that I speak.
Oh what havoc it can wreak!
First by India they've been downed.
Now by South Africa! On home ground!
On home ground! Behold the tears!
For the first time in sixteen years!
Forget the Credit Crunch my friends;
This is where the universe ends!
Here in the land of ball and wicket;
Here, where we're obsessed by cricket.

'Obsessed'? Oh what a fraud I am!
I really couldn't give a damn!


Kat said...

:))))))) So true Brenda... we don't give a damn.

It's disgusting to watch a game where people spit on the ball, rub it in their armpits, play, eat, sleep, burp, play, eat, sleep... and finally they announce after 5 days it's a draw..!!!!

Blogket is more fun :-D

Winifred said...

Yes, you say it so well.

Most of us couldn't care less about cricket, football, rugby and all that other stuff.

Why is the the media obsessed by sport? Why does it assume everyone feels the same. I suffered some stupid darts competition most of this afternoon whilst I blogged to reduce the pain!

There are hundreds of programmes about cooking on TV now. Why can't we have more programmes about learning to paint or draw, quilting, patchwork and really useful creative stuff?