Monday, January 5, 2009

Extra! Extra!

My first proper photograph with my new camera. I snapped this beauty, who has a big job ahead of him, in our backyard this-morning. Of course, I've no idea what sort of spider it is but I'm sure someone will tell me.

I feel this effort (his and mine) deserves a poem!


No matter what lies ahead,
Recall what the old sage* said
'Though your task be hard
In the old back yard,
Make a start with a single thread'!

The 'old sage' is me, so don't set too much store by this homily!


Winifred said...

That's a big beggar!

There was a song with a similar theme I remember from childhood. Something about keeping right on til the end of the road. People used to sing it on trips and I think Andy Stewart (complete with kilt) used to sing it a lot.

Anonymous said...

Credit goes to you, (for the poem as well), and the spider, but not the camera? A beautiful picture and would love to know what IS the new camera! Can you comment on that, please!! MM of NY

Jinksy said...

Like Spider in his silver maze,
I sit in somewhat of a daze
to think these words I write are read,
perhaps, by other folk who choose
to blog their hours way, not snooze!

So glad to have found you. Great rhymes!

LA Nickers said...

What a photo.

Of course, I'm glad this bugger is not in MY yard.



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Kat said...

Jeeez.... that spider looks so big and scary.

but then he & you have a great message..!!!

(Recall what the old sage* said...) - had me grinning