Friday, January 30, 2009

288. We Aren't the World!

MEME EXPRESS  has suggested this theme and I fear I've taken a rather ironic view of what I believe was meant to be an inspiring theme! I know the original song was written to encourage charitable giving, so I apologise to all I've managed to depress!


'We are the World?' 
You know, I really doubt it.
Although we couldn't live too well without it.
Maybe it's this, our terrible conceit,
That's leading us toward our own defeat.
Human beings are, of course, a part,
But they didn't even show-up at the start!
They made a really very late arrival
And no-one's putting bets on their survival!
The dinosaurs seemed lords of all creation
But ruled for just a limited duration!
As million after million years went by
'We are the World!'.... 
I'm sure that was their cry.
But they were forced to take a final bow.
Tyranosaurus Rex! Where are you now?
We're not the world! So let us be more humble!
Lest our bright egos take a nasty tumble!
We can enjoy this world in all its glory,
Though we are not the heroes of the story.


Brigitte said...

Hello from Germany to Australia! I just want to let you some greetings here, I have seen your comment at "Torsdaq". My English is not good enough to read it all in English but I think your blog could be a good exercise for me.
My daugther-in-law is coming from Wales and my cousins are living since more than 50 years in Perth.
Once again - hello, Brigitte

Darlene said...

Oh that is just great! Sometimes "feeling good about ourselves" doesn't feel good. Too much happy talk goes stale. We do need to know our limitations and your verse says it so well.

Anonymous said...

So true and well said! The dinosaurs are a great reality check...

Mari Meehan said...

If this doesn't give us something to think about I don't know what will!

anthonynorth said...

An excellent warning. Ah, that damned ego of ours!

Sylvia K said...

Sad as it is, I have to agree with you and you do say it so well! Hope we wake up before it's too late!

Winifred said...

How true that is Brenda.

Kat said...

Wonderful Brenda...

Someday someone will take a movie like Jurassic Park... and it'll feature 'humans' who had then ravaged this world..!!!!