Sunday, January 25, 2009

283A Reflections

Elizabeth Wix published this photo. It caught my eye so I tossed-off a little bit of nonsense about it.


I can see myself in that, Sis!
I think that's really cool!
If I wore that on Saturday
Wouldn't Taylor drool!
She wouldn't have the legs for it!
Her legs are white and skinny!
While mine are really rather cute!
And I look good in a mini.
I can see myself in that, Sis!
I really like the scarf!
Wouldn't Taylor hate me!
And wouldn't I have a laugh!
She's always got the latest gear!
She makes me feel a fool!
Wouldn't I go one-up on her
If I wore it to school!
I can see myself in that Sis!
But the gloves are a bit way-out.
And the model hasn't got a head!
That's Taylor, without a doubt!

Oh here comes Taylor herself Sis!
She's just come round the bend.
Let's step out and meet her.
(Taylor is my best friend.)


Lucy said...

That cute poem was inspired by that one picture? WOW, now YOU are what I call a real writer Rinkly!!

danni said...

i can hear that girl as if she were beside me and chattering as grand daughters do --- and i love your music tonight - thanks for such a treat!!!

Kat said...

Sigh... that's what talent is casually called ".... I tossed-off a little bit of nonsense ..." ?

Loved the finale... "...Taylor is my best friend." :)))

Dimple said...

I agree with the previous comments! Great post all around!

cieldequimper said...

Cool! Both the shot and the poem!

Anonymous said...

So you say Taylor is a chicken legged mama? Hah

Amazing the power of images when we simply let go and give our inner spirit (our dragon) free reign.

Nice poem to complement a neat photo.

James said...

I love the picture and you certainly have a way with words. :)

Thérèse said...

Both reflections are cool!!!