Saturday, January 24, 2009


Oh dear!......Oh my head!
What am I doing here in bed?
Let's look at the clock! My God! Past noon!
Is that the sun? Is that the moon?
I'll put one foot out on the floor.
Ouch! That hurts! My head is sore!
Everything's swimming round and round.
No, I can't put my foot down on the ground.
I'll lie back a little bit longer, yes.
There, that's better.....more or less.
My mouth tastes awful! What did I eat?
I vaguely remember it was Dougie's treat.
He bought a round, then I bought mine.....
Did I drink too much red wine?
Red wine! Ugh! The very thought!
What was the name of that girl Jack brought?
Maybe I'll just sit up in bed;
I'll sort of pander to my head.
If I can sit I'll try the standing.
What's that pile out on the landing?
Oh! It's my clothes; they look a mess!
But why can I see a sort of dress?
I don't wear dresses!..... Maybe I do!
Golly! I think I'm going to ........
There! That's better! But I feel weak.
Is that lipstick on my cheek?
I thought it was me and Dougie and Jack!
Surely I didn't bring someone back!
Now the mirror! Oh! What a sight!
Enough to give a cat a fright!
I must sit down, I feel like jelly!
Why is a bra on top of my telly?
I must get dressed! T-shirt, I think.
Maybe I need another drink.
Pants! Which leg? Is it left or right?
Are these the ones I wore last night?
It must have been a rowdy caper!
I'll stagger out and buy a paper.
Shoes! Where are they? Oh, in bed!
Here's one. It's such a pretty red.
I bought these shoes only yesterday;
They're Berluti. What did I pay?
I seem to remember they cost the earth.
Surprising what good shoes are worth.
Now where's the other, I'll dig down deep,
Did I take them off while I was asleep?
Oh my head! I mustn't bend!
Where's that shoe? Right down the end?
What's this?......... It doesn't belong to me!
No shoe! Wherever can it be?
I think I must lie down again.
It all comes back to me now and then!
Not a very edifying night!
As for the sun, it's far too bright!
Oh dear, parting is such sweet sorrow.
I think I'll look for my shoe tomorrow!


Elizabeth said...

This is so funny!
I wonder if the railing is in Chelsea, New York near the Theological Seminary or 10th Avenue?
Who would lose such a swanky shoe?
Usually it's worn out old gym shoes.

Sylvia K said...

Oh, my head started hurting just reading it -- SO funny! Thanks for a great lift for the afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed, this railing is in Chelsea, NY! I seem to recall it was near an all concrete building that was going up, near the river front. Doors did not seem to have been in the plan! Smart of Rinkly to recognise a Berluti shoe and smart of Elizabeth to recognise her own territory via Oz! MM of NY

Anonymous said...

Here from Totally Optional Prompts
Great photo to inspire you and terrific poem. I needed something light to read today. Enjoyed the humor and it flows so well, too.
VERY well-done.

Bethany said...

So funny! A date I had to a wedding once lost the sole off one of his rented shoes. We never found it. Ah, fuzzy memories.

Kat said...

how different the 'spirits' work..!! 'High' yesterday and 'low' the next day.

Jen said...

Perfect poem for the pic. Really cute! Creative!

Paula said...

Such a fun poem. Love the visual the picture add's.

Judie said...

That'll teach ya! One of my friends just started dating another friend. A couple of nights ago, the two drank way too much wine. I played golf with her the next day and my husband played with him. She had a horrible hangover, and had heard that cucumbers eaten before bed can ward off a hangover. All it did was give her the burps!!!

Unknown said...

LOL... this is too funny! I will definitely stay away from red wine, good thing I don't like it... LOL

Jenny said...

This was fabulous! I loved this! Still laughing. I'm not much of a drinker, but what a fantastic poem!

You are ridiculously clever!


Barbara Rosenzweig said...

So very clever, you had me laughing out loud!

Have a great weekend.

jenn said...

hi. visiting from jenny's. :]

Vicki/Jake said...

Mwahaha! Sounds like my life a few centuries back:) Love your posts. Now please go read mine this week...

anitamombanita said...

In a word - Hilarious!!

21 Wits said...

This just has me still laughing...and yes if there's a bra on the telly you do wear dresses! I actually liked even just the red shoe hanging on the fence even before I read your cute little story....You even got Jenny to respond right away! How cool is that! ;)

Unknown said...

You have serious comedy skills! You should be in a (theater) play...or be writing comedy!

Judie said...

SO FUNNY, RR! A hangover is a horrible thing to have! Fortunately, I have not had one since I was in my twenties. I am a quick learner that way.

Cheryl D. said...

Where you spying on me?