Thursday, January 22, 2009

278. Turquoise

A response to a TRUE COLOURS link.


See, beneath those hooded turquoise lids,
Eyes that are turquoise jewels, hard as stone.
For, even as she glitters for the world,
Behind her eyes she knows she is alone.
Analyse that smile, so moist and young,
Those brilliant teeth in that half-parted smile.
So does she practise smiling every day,
Pretending that she's quite devoid of guile?
That hair, that skin, they are not Norma Jean;
They've been a fabrication from the start.
Here is the tough-as-turquoise Marilyn,
The famous lady with the frightened heart.


Poopsie aka Blue said...

Fascinating take on Turquoise!

Have given you a mention in my post, so hope others will come & read.

Best wishes

Kat said...

So true... Turqoised Marylin is a fascinating mystery..!!

A Lady's Life said...

That is a tragic story and will we ever know the truth of it?
That is interesting the way you analyzed her face. That part of her is true. She created herself to make pictures and fell into the wrong hands.Loved but not beloved.