Friday, January 16, 2009

272. Shock Treatment!


Myrtle visited Doctor Stott
With a problem she had got.
She sat there, upright, looking grim,
Waiting for the news from him.
'You're pregnant', finally, he said.
And Myrtle went right off her head!
She ran screaming down the hall;
Everyone could hear her bawl!
She sobbed, she spluttered and she cried,
And Doctor Smith ran to her side.
Tell me' he said 'What's wrong my dear?'
So she whispered in his ear.
He rushed, straightway, to Doctor Stott,
Shouting 'Have you lost the plot?
That lady's seventy-six today!
She can't be in the family way!
Your treatment has been most unkind.
Doctor Stott, you're out of your mind!'
He replied ' Ah! That regime
Wasn't as odd as it may seem.
I am absolutely sure

She hasn't got hiccups any more!'


Sylvia K said...

Yep! that would've taken care of my hiccups for sure! Another good one! Thanks, can always use a good laugh on a gray cold morning!

Patty said...

What a terrible shock that must have been, but I guess it cured her hic cups. LOL

Word Tosser said...

say nothing about the great exercise she got with the running.

Kat said...

you cured the hiccups of this reader, reading that in fright..!!! :)))