Thursday, January 8, 2009

263. Playful!

Prompted by Meme Express.


'Poor thing! In her Second Childhood!'
I can see it in your eyes.......

There was a time when the elderly were considered sage and wise.
When they'd sit in the ingle-nook, supreme, and children would ask advice!
But now we're considered 'past it' and, in a way, 'not nice'!
I would love to have dressed in bombazine (such a satisfying name!)
But, looking back, I realise, that that way of life was tame.
For a 'second childhood' means, these days, 'childhood second time around'.
The changes, over the decades, have been really quite profound.
Adult responsibilities weaken and then fade;
We're no longer straining at the leash, trying to make the grade.
We get up any time of day; we can go to bed at noon,
We can drink red wine for breakfast and eat peas from a spoon!
Monday may be our bridge day, Tuesday we're at Tai Chi,
Wednesday we're off on a coach trip to the city or the sea!
Thursday, we're playing Scrabble, or studying Chinese!
Friday we're at a cooking class learning different ways with cheese!
On Saturday a dinner-party date is quite inviting,
And on Sunday, we're at the theatre, often in charge of lighting.
Nothing is very important; we laugh an awful lot,
Even at the Book Group, discussing a gruesome plot!

So don't look down your noses, and never look askance!
 For you are on the treadmill! We're leading a merry dance!
And never dread old age, my dears! It isn't bad at all!
Look forward to  Second Childhood!
You'll be Playful and have a ball!


Sylvia K said...

I have been surprised the last couple of days at how many have been writing about finding joy, laughter, having fun, taking time to do all three and your poem says exactly that! I love it and I'm still grinning! Thank you!

Jinksy said...

Personally, I was an extremely serious child, so I intend to have a FIRST childhood, let alone a second one! Bring it on!

Leon1234 said...

Hello, how is it going? Hope all is well. Great blog you have here. Thanks for sharing.

Kat said...

hmmmmmm... with this claim of second childhood by us, aren't we putting too much responisbility on the first childhood toddlers to act more responsible and mature :))))