Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tick the List!


Here's a list of questions that we really need to ask,
And, hopefully, for most of us, it's quite a pleasant task.......
Did you wake-up this-morning feeling reasonably well?
Have you escaped the anguish of a battle's raging hell?
Have you stayed out of prison? Have you got enough to eat?
Have you clothes upon your back? Have you shoes upon your feet?
Can you read this blog quite easily? Do you know how to write?
Will you have a roof above your head when you go to sleep tonight?
Have you got money in the bank? Did your parents stay together?
Will you be protected if there is rainy weather?
And can you speak your mind without a thought of who may hear?
And can you state your viewpoint in a voice that's loud and clear?
If you say 'Yes!' to all of these don't winge at all today!
Not even if you've twinges and your hair is turning grey!
Not even if you stub your toe or smash a favourite dish!
Not even if your steak is not as tender as you'd wish!
For many many millions would have to answer 'No!'
And those many many millions every second seem to grow!
Go through the list a second time, and add 'No' as a test,
Then ask yourself if you're among the folk who're living best!
Let's not forget that we, the ones who're cossetted and warm,
Are not in the majority; we're, sadly, not the norm.
We can't cure all the ills of life, and do we really try?
But it doesn't hurt to pause a while and simply question 'Why?'



TMTW said...

There are so many people in this world who get by on nothing at all. It really puts things into perspective when we consider all the "riches" that most of us have: education, income of any kind, food, shelter.

"The poor will always be with us," ~ this is the perfect opportunity to practice a little human compassion. We can offer a warm sandwich to a homeless vet, we can teach a child or adult to read, we can make a difference in the life of an ailing person by helping them pay for meds, we can visit an elderly homebound neighbor.

Your post was perfect.

Granny Smith said...

This is a powerful reminder of just how rich we are! In poetry and prose you speak the shameful truth. We can each make some small difference, but I hope that my government will also be aware and compassionate.

Happy and hopeful New Year to you and yours!

Winifred said...

That certainly is a very thought provoking post.

We have so little to moan about do we?

anthonynorth said...

I would say 'no' to two points in the article - I don't have good health and my parents are long gone. But then again I'm in my 50s and I have nothing life threatening, so I can still count my blessings. As to the poem, an important reality check.
Yes, I know I'm blessed. Optimism is always far better than pessimism.

Michelle said...

Wow, thanks for putting things in perspective!

Mari Meehan said...

Food for thought indeed!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, I am rich indeed in almost all the ways mentioned above.
As ever a lovely and thoughtful poem.

Lucy said...

rinkly! your writing always delights me and includes a wonderful lesson! thanks for this reminder and i think you are so clever to create the poem from that article.

Marguerite said...

How true this is and you expressed it so well in your rhyme. Makes me feel ashamed for all the times I've had a "pity party" about the things I didn't have. Thank you for your visit and comment on my post.

present said...

Thank you for sharing your process for writing this poem.
Food, shelter, safety, love, and the freedom and opportunity to create and share. We have so much!

Merle said...

Dear Brenda ~~ Great post, both your poem and the original statistics.
We should NEVER complain should we?
Thanks for your comment and I am glad you like the jokes. And of course I know you don't understand
tha naughty ones. Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Anonymous said...

It's true, isn't it, the things we take for granted are the greatest gifts.

Tumblewords: said...

Indeed, it is so true. And most people I talk to haven't a clue - there's such a difference between selfish and selfless. Good post!

Bear Naked said...

Thank you Brenda for making me stop and think for a moment.
I am truly blessed.

Bear((( )))

"Sunshine" said...

Your poem really makes a person think. Whenever I get down in the dumps about something, I'll try to count my blessings, instead.

Also, thanks for commenting on my blog!

Kat said...

That was an electrifying poem Brenda. Thank you so much.

And I think that if we can, in possible ways we must reach out to the underprivileged.

By this poem, I think you've did it..!!!

Jenn Jilks said...

Excellent, as always. Excellent metre and message.
Things I'll Miss, as we are moving in the fall!

Mary said...

Your list of questions was very good! You're right, we're fortunate if we can answer yes to most!

Linda said...

Good questions to ask and to answer

Diane T said...

Now that is quite an extensive list! Wonderful!

Elizabeth said...

Good direct questioning of the things we often ignore. Or choose not to see or think about.


brenda w said...

These are great questions Brenda. Each one provides insight on society. I love it!

Paul Oakley said...

My mother, a fundamentalist Christian, when she was feeling down would sing the song "Count Your Blessings."

Traditional Judaism holds that one should say at least 100 blessings every day.

In much the same vein, you give us questions to consider that will remind us how very much most people have to be grateful for.

Thanks for the reminder. It is all too easy to look past the good in our lives when the bad is making more noise.

gautami tripathy said...

A thinking post..

tumbled thoughts in a silver tumbler

irene said...

Good reminder to be grateful. And I know I have much to be grateful for, even if nothing's perfect.

Neil Reid said...

Deceptively purposeful poem this is. Oft a critique of the world situation gets to be like a mallet on the head. But this walks up so simply to the edge, looks over the cliff, then having made a friendly grateful reader, suggests in good heart we look about, understand the whole. Thoughtfully presented poem. And thanks.