Friday, January 2, 2009

256. Delayed Publication!

Rather difficult to read, I know, but possibly of interest to all other Rinklies! This was the first entry in my diary for 1945! In verse, as you see! The poetry isn't great but I was only thirteen!

Historic notes: 
a) I washed my 'arms, legs and face'! At this time in the UK a weekly bath and hair-wash, particularly in      Winter, was quite normal!
b) * I'm obviously referring to the events of the night before. And who was the mysterious 'B.M.'?
c) The 'nine-girls/three-boys' ratio has often been my lot in life!


This-morning rose 11 a.m.,
'Tis late I must agree,
But owing to the fact I saw 
The New Year in, you see.
The day*  was fine;
I rushed next-doors
(That's when I'd brushed my hair)
And helped to make mince-pies, tarts, cakes
And trifles creamy fair.
The evening dawned;
I dressed with speed,
Washed arms and legs and face;
I wore my pink frock; round the neck
Are daisies made of lace.
At party had a lovely time;
Some records played by Frank.
The twelve of us, nine girls, three boys,
Year's health in lemon drank.
B.M. not there! We played some games;
It all went with a swing.
We all went home at 12 o'clock
After we'd had a sing.

Where have 64 years gone?


Anonymous said...

We must have first met, thanks to the conniving of our grandmothers in Margate, UK, when we were 14, thereabouts. I was in awe, then, of your page-a-day diary writing! Now look where we are: you in OZ and me in the USA! You were always good with the word! MM of NY

me said...

ahh, that's wonderful to find...and share :)

Anonymous said...

This is sweet. You were clearly destined to be a poet from an early age!

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

Poor BM, your forrgotten childhood sweetheart - where might he be now?

Winifred said...

This shows you have great staying power. Amamzing.

Kat said...

a leaf from 1945...!!! Delighted to read little Brenda's poemic entry. Is this how a diary entry to be written ? :)))) Admiring you to have retained it all these years.

It captures the mood, the event and the thoughts so vividly. Loved it.

mmm... these days, I hear that the ratio is 9 boys and 3 girls..!!

pssssst.... B.M. Let me guess... (Could it be Malcolm?)..!!!!!!