Sunday, January 8, 2012

In the Pink



Above we see a great example,
A wonderfully perfect sample
Of someone who is 'in the pink'.
Healthy, and wearing it, I think.
'In the pink', as we all know,
Means having that really healthy glow
That's seen on the cheeks of of those who're fit
And keen to make a display of it.
The meaning is clear as it can be;
At least, it always was to me.
'From time immemorial' I would say 
'It has been used up to today.'
But no, I was wrong, as you will see;
If we go back in history
(Way, way back to Shakespeare's day
When words were used in a different way)
'Pinnacle' was the original word,
And different usages were heard.
'The very pink (pinnacle)of misery'
Doesn't sound in good health to me!
'The pink of the mode' indicated fashion,
Which dandies pursued with enormous passion.
But someone used the word quite wrongly
And the change was welcomed strongly.
All and sundry said 'I'm in the pink'
And the use of 'pinnacle' began to shrink.
(That ubiquitous little word 'gay'
Has changed its meaning in a similar way.
The old meaning, now, is almost dead;
Used as 'happy' it's rarely said.)
Language is a living creature;
Alteration is a feature.
Your grandchildren will look amazed
At the ways in which we've spelt and phrased.
'Common usage' is the key
To all the changeability.
As to the girl above, I think
I'll still consider her 'in the pink'.

(An Acrostic)

Trifles are trivial, trifles are small,
Really, they don't count for much at all!
It's seems that when 'just desserts' are required,
Full of fruit, and with cream inspired,
Laden with alcohol (say sherry),
Everyone gets very merry!

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Ah, how I miss that trifle fad! Haven't made one in years, and now I don't know if it would be so
relished as it was in the 1950s!