Sunday, January 8, 2012

Come Fly With Me!

We are asked to use the title words of the well-known Sinatra song

(A Love-Song)

Come fly with me! But let us not be going
In anything mechanical by Boeing.
We are above the cramping cut-price seat,
The queues, and all that cardboard food to eat.
We're so in love we should be kept apart
From all that human junk right from the start.
Come fly with me as little love-birds do,
Away on high up in the burning blue.
I wish to touch your wing-tips with my own,
As we two fly where no-one else has flown.
I wish to swoop away above the trees
And then drift down to you as on a breeze.
I wish to chirp our very private song
Over and over as we fly along.
I wish to tease you as I drift away
And then return in a romantic way.
I wish to see the dross that lies below
As ugly, dismal, planet-bound and slow.
Come fly with me, untrammeled, light and soaring.
With no restrictions but to be adoring.


Full of movement! Full of grace!
Everything in its proper place!
A moment in time is caught in paint!
People moving without restraint!
But here's where art and artifice
Play a part in a scene like this.
Every skin-colour the same?
Skin colour would vary name to name.
How to decide whether they are
Dressing or practising at the bar.
And no pencil on earth could move so fast
As to catch four figures moving past!
Art and artifice combine
Uniting colour, form and line.
Each girl, I feel, was sketched alone
Regardless of movement, line and tone,
And then the figures were combined
In an area confined.
I'm no artist that's for sure
And I'm no critic, furthermore.
But I'm intrigued by the 'realistic'
Which owes so much to the skill artistic.
'A slice of life'? I'd say 'Not quite'.
Ballerinas posed, and not in flight.
But how clever to give us all the feel
Of something real when it's unreal!


The Happy Amateur said...

Very uplifting! Love the love-birds!

Andy Sewina said...

Love the bit about little love birds, wouldn't it be great to be so free?