Saturday, January 7, 2012

The End of the End

chose the cover of this book.

Will this blurb persuade you to buy it?

Alexander Fently.
Probably the very best book ever written
About the end of the world.
To say that it is chilling
Is putting it mildly.
Trace the progress of 
The Great Cold
From its earliest beginnings.
Professor Ulrich von Smarl
Is a voice crying in the wilderness.
'The Great Cold is coming!' he cries.
To no avail.
Experience, with him,
His battles with
The Press,
General Ignorance,
Only his wife, Margrit,
Believes in him.
They seek refuge
In the hottest place on earth.
But the creeping ice follows them,
Even there.
They watch from their window
As the trees die,
And the world freezes.
It is then that Margrit breaks the news!
She is pregnant!
As Ulrich and Margit rejoice,
So starts the thaw!
Read on!
The Sceptic's Weekly: I was completely converted by this magnificent novel!
Forget Global Warming! The Ice Age Cometh!
 The Editor.


I don't believe in Destiny or, as others call it, Fate.
I don't believe in Horoscopes, that label us by date.
I don't believe in Palmistry, lines are of no account,
And the art of Numerology, well, it doesn't really count.
I just believe in Chaos, or 'What will be will be'
For, after all, that's common-sense as far as I can see.
If I go out tomorrow and get knocked down by a car,
That won't be my Destiny, but just the way things are!
The little ant that crawls around, and ends up beneath my foot,
Wasn't destined to be there; he wasn't exactly 'put'.
My shoe and the little ant's wee life haven't shared some great event!
It's simply that the ant was there and 'Poof!' the ant just went!
I see myself as a little ant with just a bit more brain
And when I die I'm pretty sure I wont come back again!
For I don't believe Reincarnation  makes a lot of sense;
When I'm gone I'm gone for good; my life has departed hence.
I think it must be scary to be haunted by ideas
Like Destiny and Palmistry, that have been around for years.
I don't feel like a Puppet, which Believers all must be.
Maybe my disbelieving mind was part of my Destiny!:-)


Kay L. Davies said...

Ooh, great book blurb, Brenda. I'd buy it and read it before it also gets bought by Hollywood. (Thanks for that, by the way. I was surprised and pleased.)
The last line of your second poem made me laugh. I don't quite think all believers must be puppets, however. I can think of quite a few who were very much not puppets at all.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

I think Al Gore will want to have a sit down with Alexander Fently. LOL Interesting way to twist it this week, and entertaining as always. Also, love your "Doubting Destiny" poem, especially the line about Numerology. :)

Tammy said...

This reminds me a tiny bit of The Road, which I adore. Also love the fact that you gave us some hope at the end. And this line--"To say that it is chilling
Is putting it mildly"--is fantastic!