Saturday, January 7, 2012


suggests the prompt

Coming together, they rejoice;
One heart, one mind, one soul, one voice.
Numerous songs of exultation
Give thanks for each felicitation.
Religious yearnings fill each heart;
Eagerly they all take part.
God is with them, they all know,
As they sojourn here below.
The Pastor leads them with a will
In prayers that soothe even as they thrill.
Only the pious heed the promises;
Not those of us who're doubting Thomases.

(After Patience Strong)

We have a choice as we go through life;
We're in charge of our own eyes.
And we can alter our vision
Seeing foolish, seeing wise.
Look at this nondescript window!
Do you choose to see
People idling their lives way
Having a cup of tea?
With backs turned to the window,
Indulging in idle chatter,
As though the daily lives of men
Were the only thing to matter!
Let your eyes 'accommodate'
And see a sight more grand!
See the rolling ocean waves
And the glorious golden sand.
Not only in reflections
Are there chances that we lose.
In our daily lives we have the choice........
We must help our eyes to choose.

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