Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Take Rivers

supplied the prompt


Take lakes:
They simply lie there, sort of placid in the sun.
Take ponds:
They're simply places where ducklings have some fun.
Take oceans:
They are wild old things, and full of bang and crash.
Take streams:
They chuckle as they go, and make a little splash.
Take rivers........
Ah! The rivers are just something else again!
Carrying the water from the blessed summer rain,
Drifting between branches, first in light and then in shade,
Sometimes dancing merrily, and sometimes slow and staid.
Rivers flow just everywhere, in the country and the town;
They're sometimes crystal clear, like ice, and sometimes sludgy brown.
They twist and turn and beckon us to run along beside;
They show their gleaming pebbles, when, in times of drought, they've dried.
They team with fish and dragon-flies and reveal half-sunken logs;
They move to the music of singing birds and croaky-happy frogs.
Take rivers.........
No! I beg you! I command you! Leave them there!
Rivers are too beautiful.
Don't take them anywhere!


I've never been one for Garden Gnomes,
Ones I've seen at other homes;
Painted frogs and fairy faces
Are fine when seen in other places,
But my little yard is unadorned
(Should you visit...... you have been warned!)
Pebbles? Yes, we do have those.
And flowers? We have a lovely rose
And annuals of many kinds.....
'Million Bells'....... such pretty finds.
But garden ornaments, on the whole,
Have never done much for my soul.
Until the side of our cedar-wood shed
Started looking dull and dead.
'It needs....something' .....I was pensive:
'Nothing too gaudy or offensive'.
And Rebecca found the very thing!
A lovely back-drop to gardening!
Quite subdued, but well designed;
Cedar-colour! What a find!
Not in the least like a painted gnome!
A lovely addition to our home.
Thanks, Becca!


Mimi Foxmorton said...

Most excellent....TAKE!

Margaret said...

Love "Take Rivers".

Drifting between branches, first in light and then in shade,
Sometimes dancing merrily, and sometimes slow and staid.

You amaze me with all you do and it is all beautiful.

Kat said...

Your 'take' on rivers
are as usual 'flowing'..!!!

Berowne said...

"Take rivers..."
AWFULLY well expressed...

Helen said...

We don't want our rivers going anywhere ... polluted ... destroyed.
Lovely poetry with a serious message.

chiccoreal said...

Lovely! The Rivers are not to be "taken" too lightly! You have good taste in garden design!

Doctor FTSE said...

Enjoyable as always. Thanks for sharing.

Kat said...

Little additions make great impact... The garden looks lovelier, indeed.

Wayne Pitchko said...

thanks for your words

Ms. Geek Goddess said...

Love it! I love the way that you described all of the bodies of waters! I guess rivers truly are the best! :)