Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wot's Water?



Back-yard science to the fore.
Fun to splash and fun to pour.
Fun to feel and to submerge.
Fun to give-in to the urge
To throw water at your Dad!
Look! He isn't even mad!
This is where we'll learn about
Cup and measure, bowl and spout.
This is where the toys of plastic
Really are a boon fantasic.
Fun to give the flowers a drink,
Fun to see if teddies sink!
Make it bubble! Make it fizz!
Find out just what water IS!
Splishing, sploshing, keeping cool.
What a delightful back-yard school!


Elizabeth said...

Yes, water is the greatest fun
the garden
the beach
the pool
water pistols
and you get to learn things too

A lovely poem

Reader Wil said...

Hurray! Another lovely rhyme! I always enjoy coming here! Have a great week!

kayleen said...

The photo evoked a giggle, the rhyme a smile.

Gill - That British Woman said...

great Watery Wednesday shot again..

Gill in Canada

Margaret's Ramblings said...

There is nothing so satifing to a child than a warm sunny day and a heap of water.


Anonymous said...

Cool post.`

Kat said...

What a delightful back-yard school!

Sigh.... the trouble starts only when the kids go to the front-yard school..!!!