Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Common !!!!

HEADS OR TAILS requires something based on 'COMMON' this week. I'm pretty sure all of this is true, except, maybe, the last part!


Oh Common Prawn! How dare they say
That  thou art common?  'Fie!' I say!
Look at thy patterned camouflage!
Surely some Painter was in charge
To fashion curlicues and marks
In glorious verdant lights and darks!
Look at thy eye, so knowing, bright,
With watery wanderers in sight.
Look at thy whiskers! How they flaunt
Feeling each moist and murky haunt!
Look at thy tail! Thy jaunty steerage!
Common? Thou should'st be in the Peerage!
See how thou hoverest at a height
Which you have gauged exactly right!
How you tremble, how you dart!
What a work of art thou art!

(Though Aussies often say, it's true,
'Throw another prawn on the barbecue!')


Maggie May said...

Poor prawns to be thrown on the barbie.
They look lovely swimming around complete with legs!

Your photo below, took my attention, with the stripy cling suits. Wish I had the figure for one! And the energy for that pose!

Word verufication undry! Very apt for Watery Weds.

Joy said...

I floated along with your joy of creation
Poor prawn like us ends in cremation.

Berni said...

Thanks for the visit. Your poem is great. We pigged out on prawns in Mexico great big ones. I also was born in UK in 1947 lived in Brighton briefly in my teens and did attend a college there but not sure which one now. I visited Australia in 1977 thought it a great place. We are now Canadians but sometimes I wish we had decided to emigrate to Australia as it is a lot warmer!

Barb said...

I have to admit I don't commonly see poems about prawns. :)

Kat said...

Thou are at thy best...
To make a Beige stand out
or make the common prawn... Uncommon :)))