Monday, March 30, 2009

Star-Sign Unions Six

(Author on holiday and unable to respond to comments.)

Tidy drawers and cupboards; everything just so,
With Virgo saying 'Yes' to this, and Aries saying 'No!'
It doesn't look too promising; it's easy to see why.
Aries is impulsive; Virgo is quite shy.
Opposites attract each other when they're first aquainted,
But soon the 'first fine rapture' dies and what is left is tainted.
Their differences seemed quirky then and something to be treasured,
But Time has made them realise that true love can't be measured.
Then Virgo found the Aries spark something to brag about
But now Virgo is carping and all Aries does is shout.
Aries has quite a temper; Virgo is a scold.
I really think they should avoid the bit about 'have and hold'!
Virgo likes a schedule; Aries can't be on time
And every disagreement is treated as a crime!
Virgo likes to keep to rules; Aries can't abide them.
Could even Marriage Guidance be remotely sure to guide them?
Leo and Aries, have some fun; enjoy that initial 'Wow!'
Then turn around and walk away
Before you have a row!


Patty said...

My husband and I are both Scorpio's, Not sure what that means. They say opposites attract, so I guess we went wrong someplace. LOL

Reader Wil said...

I have a sister who is Aries. She quarrels with all her neighbours and relatives. Other Aries relatives and friends, I know, are very nice on the contrary. So how does it work?

Shannon said...

NOW... what about TWO Virgos??? Thats the case in my house! btw... I finally did a lil post about one area of speech development... maybe not what you were looking for? But there is sure more to come soon!

Word Tosser said...

I know you are gone, but you can read when you get back...
I had to smile as I read this...
See my husband who is deceased now,(20 yrs. ago) was a Virgo and I, an Aries..yet we got along 95% greatly. He was not only my husband, the father of my child, my lover, but also my very best friend. And I miss him greatly, even tho, I have gone on with my life and have been blessed with another sweet man.