Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Aries!

Welcome to all you Aries folk! Enter and take a bow!
The next few weeks belong to you. Rejoice! Your time is now!! 
Dynamic and quick-witted, energetic too.
Confident and robust in everything you do.
But you can be rather selfish, with an ego that's inflated
And your desire to get results keeps us intimidated.
You thrive on an adventure, finding others rather tardy,
But you can over-reach yourself proving that you're fool-hardy.
Dare-devils can impress the crowd but not when they fall flat;
Keep your eye on balance when you play at acrobat!
You have a sharp and clever tongue; Aries are quick-wits,
Their confidence is by all admired; they're often favourites.
Watch out for impatience, and impulsiveness as well,
Sometimes it's advisable to crawl back in ones shell!
Headaches and indigestion are health-hazards now and then,
And of course you're prone to accidents.... that impulsiveness again.
Your colour is bright red, of course; your lucky number's nine.
Enjoy your year, you Arians! It's certain to be fine!

1 comment:

Kat said...

bow.. bow .. bow
:))) Please do not mistake... Was 'taking-a-bow' in all directions, as directed.