Thursday, March 12, 2009

332. Crime One!

(Adapted from a printed puzzle)


(In other words a CROSSWORD RIME.)

1. Being carefree; having fun.
5. Studying! It must be done.
8.She was nearly Hitler's wife.
9.Rather gory with a knife.
10. Often we do this by rote.
11. The link we find between 'boat' and 'coat'.
12.You may run this type of race.
14.Brusque words with very little grace.
15. It seems that everyone loses it.
17. Something to wear that we hope will fit.
20. Do this if you have no parachute.
22. A rabbit in one can look quite cute.
23. You have a box to keep this in.
24. These clothes wont be damp on your skin.
27. I hope that skin is smooth as silk!
29. A measure you could use for milk.
30. I think we'd call this man the boss.
31.This at the door might make you cross.
32. One of these is not your friend.
33. No further to go; this is the end.

1. Can we really trust his views?
2. Needed when making horses' shoes.
3. A little river-crossing boat.
4.Pay this with a large bank note.
5. It rhymes with mallet but let that pass.
6. An American area full of grass.
7. If you're this you are also kind.
13.To leave your common-sense behind.
16. Part of it is called a knee.
17. Reveal a secret, just to me.
18. This letter is often rather long.
19.View this as you drive along.
21.This runner's name sounds much like 'toe'.
24  Bravely confess that it is so.
26. Dawdle along without much speed
28. You've kept something that you need.

Answers on 14th March.

I'm afraid you'll have to print-out the puzzle square as I can't do anything clever with it!

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Darlene said...

Wow! You did do something very clever with it; you wrote the clues in rhyme. I think it would be hard enough to do so across, but to make it fit down is a stroke of genius.

Great job, Brenda. I will try to do it when I have more time.

Unknown said...

Good idea. Now that nobody buys the paper anymore, we need to make sure we get the comics, horoscopes, and puzzles in the blogs.

Kat said...

This is one CRIME everyone would've loved. So intelligently CRIMED :))))